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Video Squishy is a video compression utility. It re-encodes videos recorded by your device into smaller files by reducing their size and/or quality. Unlike other apps, it can queue up videos and compress them in batch.

By compressing your videos you can save precious memory on your device and/or significantly speed up upload times when sharing them online.


  • Choose from several presets or manually set the video compression settings yourself
  • Adjust video format (dimensions), bitrate and audio channels/bitrate
  • Queue videos up for batch processing!
  • Squished videos are saved back to the camera roll and (optionally) flagged so you can tell them apart
  • Video file sizes tell you how much space you have saved
Video Squishy 2.0 is $1.99 in the App Store Download Video Squishy on the App Store

News & Updates

15th January 2015

Version 2.9 of Video Squishy was submitted to the App Store a couple of days ago. It should be available soon. This update includes support for the new iPhone 6/6+ Retina HD screens, custom formats, video bitrates and audio bitrates, as well as landscape support for iPhones.

17th November 2014

Version 2.06 of Video Squishy is available in the App Store.

9th July 2014

Version 2.05 of Video Squishy is available in the App Store.

7th July 2014

Version 2.04 of Video Squishy is available in the App Store.

11th March 2014

Version 2.03 of Video Squishy is available in the App Store.

26th Februray 2014

Version 2.02 of Video Squishy is available in the App Store.

15th Februray 2014

Version 2.01 of Video Squishy is available in the App Store.

10th Februray 2014

Version 2.0 of Video Squishy is now available in the App Store. This is a big update with a completely revamped UI for iOS7, landscape support for iPads, new advanced compression settings, meta data retention and lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

12th February 2013

Version 1.11 of Video Squishy has just been submitted to the App Store. This update fixes a nasty startup crash bug caused by videos with no sound. It should be available soon.

3rd February 2013

Version 1.1 of Video Squishy is now available in the App Store. It includes a new icon, improved UI and lots more compression options.

15th November 2012

Video Squishy is now available in the App Store. Grab it here.

7th November 2012

Version 1.0 of Video Squishy was just submitted to the App Store. Look out for it soon...


Q. How do I play or delete videos?

Video Squishy focuses entirely on the task of squishing your videos. To play, delete or otherwise organise them, simply switch to the Photos app.

Q. Can Video Squishy squish videos in the background?

No, Video Squishy cannot (currently) squish videos in the backgorund. If you hit the home button the app will cancel any squishing queue in progress.

Q. Why won't my video squish?

Video Squishy only supports squishing videos that were recorded on your iOS device. If you find you cannot squish a video that was recorded on your iOS device, please contact us for help.

Q. Which devices and what versions of iOS do you support?

Video Squishy 1.x will work on all iOS 6.0 (and above) devices.

Video Squishy 2.x will work on all iOS 7.0 (and above) devices.

Newer devices such as the iPhone 5/5S and iPad 4th/5th generations (and iPad Mini Retina) will squish videos faster, although their cameras record them at higher resolution and bit rates (all the more reason to squish!) so the difference in speed is less noticeable.

Video Squishy hasn't been tested on ALL types of physical device. Due to its nature (requiring hardware decompression), we can't test every condition using simulators. Please let us know if it doesn't work on your device and we'll do our best to remedee any issues (quickly).

Q. What features have you got planned in the future?

We're currently considering adding the ability to upload videos to online services (such as Dropbox, Google , Facebook etc).

Let us know what you'd like to see and we'll prioritise requested features.


For help, feedback or feature requests, get in touch...

Twitter: @frostybadger