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#3285 "1100Fish"


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Website address change is moving to the Frosty Badger website.

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8 Years and Still Doodling

It has been 8 years since doodle #1 started it.

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Doodlelong now on Twitter!

All news and doodle highlights are now published to our Twitter account. Feel free to follow us at

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as of 9th August 2020 at 01:45 am (GMT+8)...

12559 doodles have been saved . 64771589.76 pixels of ink has been used . that calculates to 899605.41 inches at 72dpi . which equals 22.85 km

each doodle canvas is 420 pixels wide . the total canvas width is 5274780 pixels . if printed out at 72dpi it would cover 1.8608251666667 km of land . that is the length of 17.72 football (soccer) pitches

there are 104 doodles by 42 separate artists that have been highlighted by the site admins . our top artist is Brice who appears in our highlights 51 times