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Website address change is moving to the Frosty Badger website.

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8 Years and Still Doodling

It has been 8 years since doodle #1 started it.

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Doodlelong now on Twitter!

All news and doodle highlights are now published to our Twitter account. Feel free to follow us at

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New Logo by Mil

There have been some great logo contributions - thanks everyone. We've picked the one at #7442 by Mil for now. We'll rotate them from time to time though so feel free to keep doodling.

A site update will probably happen over the weekend (design, discussion forum, flash 7 version for linux users). We're closing on 10,000 doodles!

Posted by Dominic Manley, 1st December 2006

No Earlier News Than This

Unfortunately, news posts to the doodlelong website earlier than this date were done manually in static HTML (i.e. they weren't stored in a database of any kind). When updates were previously made, the older posts were simply deleted and lost.

If anyone has a cache of them or some way of recovering the information, please send it to me and I'll add it for historic purposes. Otherwise, I'm afraid it's lost in the ether of the Interweb, forever.

Posted by Dominic Manley, 1st December 2006