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Website address change is moving to the Frosty Badger website.

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8 Years and Still Doodling

It has been 8 years since doodle #1 started it.

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Doodlelong now on Twitter!

All news and doodle highlights are now published to our Twitter account. Feel free to follow us at

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Not Enough Time

Realistically I'm not going to have time to go with the new updates to the site (which are half done). The site will remain here as-is for the foreseeable future. Apologies to anyone who was hoping for greater things anytime soon. I hope that one day, when I've more time to spare, I'll return to the project and finish off the changes I wanted to make. Until then, if you're ever bored, I hope you'll pop back and doodle a little to keep it growing.

If anyone's interested in developing things further, feel free to contact me. The site is powered by php/mysql and the flash object is built in Open Laszlo. So if you've got the skills (or a design flare), and some free time, I'd be really happy to see someone talented smarten things up a little.

Posted by Dominic Manley, 17th January 2007

Christmas Updates

This will be the last update before the changes to the Doodlelong flash object and website are launched (sometime over the Christmas and New Year period).

As previously posted, we're working on a version of the flash object that'll include a replay function. Also, compatibility for version 7 of Flash. Not only will this let more Linux users access to doodlelong but also those with the recent Wii release of Opera. We'll also be trying to make the new design of the website work well in both typical browser conditions as well as in the Wii browser. These updates will probably be the last before we leave the project alone and crack on with "the main event" (doodlelong was only a conceptual prototype for something else, something greater!). Obviously the doodles have slowed now but we should all be proud we've doodled over 10,000 segments so far, which stretched out would be over 15km long! Surely that makes us the longest doodle in the world now? (Let me know if you know otherwise or if you want to contact us for any reason.)

Finally, if you celebrate Christmas, have a Merry one! And everyone around the world, have a happy new year and all the best in 2007!

Posted by Dominic Manley, 23rd December 2006

Animated Doodles!

Something of a secret in Doodlelong has been that all your doodles are stored as they are drawn. We're working on building a replay function into the flash tool. Until then, we've managed to manually build some videos of some of our top doodlers. We've put the flick up on You Tube. You can find it at

Posted by Dominic Manley, 9th December 2006

Brice is a doodlelong Champ

I'm struggling to find the time to finish the site updates but will try to have them up before / somewhere around hitting the 10,000 doodles mark as a celebration. Until then, even though the momentum has slowed, the quality of doodles has definately improved. And one artist in particular, Brice, has contributed some of the best examples. The new logo is his latest contribution at #9375.

Posted by Dominic Manley, 6th December 2006

New Logo by Joakim

We're still working on the site updates, including a new feature that I think a lot of you will like. In the meantime, the logo has been updated with #8785 by Joakim

Posted by Dominic Manley, 3rd December 2006