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Website address change is moving to the Frosty Badger website.

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8 Years and Still Doodling

It has been 8 years since doodle #1 started it.

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Doodlelong now on Twitter!

All news and doodle highlights are now published to our Twitter account. Feel free to follow us at

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The idea of doodlelong was first aired by Rob Smith, one of the Soup Boys, at a barbeque in Perth, Australia in October 2006. It was a simplified version of another project that was being brain-stormed at the time, conceived by Dominic Manley. That project has yet to be developed (and remains a secret) but doodlelong served as a proof of concept and gave its developer (also Dominic) a chance to experiment with Open Laszlo, the technology that is and was to power both.

Doodlelong took a little under a month to create and on 27th November 2006, Chris Armstrong (aka stretch1974), pimped it to the massive community found over at Ebaumsworld. It was received well and shortly afterwards he submitted it to By the end of the next day, it had been dugg to the very top page. We were all quite astonished to see the community response. In the first two days the doodlelong website received more than 20,000 unique hits, around 7000 doodles were submitted and the web server served over 14Gb of traffic. Thankfully, web space was kindly donated by the Perth-based Australian hosting company, WebClick. Otherwise, we'd have footed quite a bill!

After its brief buzz of fame, traffic pittered down over several weeks but the doodles continue to trickle in to this day. Several artists have really impressed by drawing some very creative works. One artist in particular who deserves a mention is Brice. Look out for his and many other doodles worthy of notice in the highlights area of the homepage.

In early December 2006 it was discovered that as a by-product of the way doodlelong stores artist pen movements, it is possible to recreate each doodle as an animation. An example of this was first posted to You Tube. You can checkout other videos of doodle animations and a guide for recreating them yourselves on our videos page. Maybe one day this will be incorporated into the flash object itself.

In March 2007 the doodlelong website was redesigned and will remain on the web for as long as possible.

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